Our Outlets are closed in Lahore due to Covid - Only Esthetic Sense Salon & Clinic is now operational in Bahria Town, Lahore.

ESTHETIC SENSE was founded on the belief that continuing education is a critical part of success for any skincare professional, so we provide the support and training you need to succeed. At ESTHETIC SENSE, our focus has always been on the Professional Skin Therapist. That’s why you’ll find our professional use-only system is the most robust in the industry – and the most effective for getting treatment room results.

Our professional-use-only products are never available to the public, meaning you have exclusive access to the most powerful formulas that deliver immediate results that keep your professional skin treatments thriving. To use our professional use-only products to their maximum potential, experience them hands-on in our classes. It’s the only place where your hands and our advanced education combine to create professional treatments and professional results you can’t get with any other product line

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