Our Outlets are closed in Lahore due to Covid - Only Esthetic Sense Salon & Clinic is now operational in Bahria Town, Lahore.

Welcome to Esthetic Sense! On behalf of our tribe worldwide, we are thrilled that you are considering us as your partner for success.


Nobody knows the business of skincare like Esthetic Sense, and our industry experts are focused 100% on making you as successful as possible. Our proven business concepts, an extensive collection of marketing tools, generous sampling program and eventing support help take the guesswork out of building your business, whether you’re new to the industry or the owner of multiple locations.
We have a legacy of award-winning products, loved by beauty editors and consumers worldwide. As the brand has shot to stardom, more than 100,000 highly-trained Professional Skin Therapists have been an essential part of our success.
Our Professional Skin Therapist is quick to welcome you into her space and eager to share her knowledge of skin health with you. Why? Because she knows skin and can help bring an end to your skincare troubles.

“professional results can only come from professional training.”

Her sharp eye for skin health stems from continuing education, sought out only by skincare professionals eager to go above and beyond licensing credentials. Researched and developed by The Esthetic Sense Academy, this training is challenging, comprehensive, and puts her on the path towards skincare expert.

“great skin comes from understanding skin.”

Impact the results from your home care regimen with a professional skin treatment! The treatment room is where a skin care professional’s skills really shine, and you’ll experience the esthetic sense difference like never before.

Over 25 years ago, Esthetic Sense was created by a professional skin therapist, for professional skin therapists. Since then, more and more therapists, make-up artists and industry experts have made us their choice for results-driven skincare.
Are you ready to get become an Esthetic sense Stockist?

Become a Stockist
The Esthetic sense education program is designed to provide licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, manicurists, barbers, and/ or massage therapists who want to get our stock with member-only benefits and discounts on Our professional products.
Benefits of the Becoming our stockist:
• You get our award-winning education along with our professional stock.
• Special offers and industry updates
• Exclusive product sampling and launch previews.
• Free Branding Material for your salon
*Please note that the features of the program are subject to change without notice. Purchases are for professional use only – resale of the products is prohibited.

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